We offer elaboration of project documentation in the following areas:

Overview of designing and engineering activities:

Designing and engineering in gas industry:
- Gas pressure regulating and metering stations
- Gasification of boiler rooms
- Gasification of industrial objects
- Gasification of civil objects
- Gas-pipes reconstructions  Relining, ...
- Reconstructions of pipeline bar-stocks
- Designing of house regulating stations, regulating and metering facilities, ...
- Innovation of natural gas metering 
- Balances for natural gas consumption 
- Elaboration of applications for gasification 
Engineering networks, infrastructure preparation
- Reconstructions of engineering networks 
- Designs of new engineering networks
- Industrial energetic networks
- Fences and building adjustments in industrial zones
- Assistance in issuing of official reports for territorial and building proceedings 
- Assistance in issuing of certificates in Slovak Technical Inspection 
Designing - territorial units
- Elaboration of gasification studies in development of urban and rural areas